StreetSmart Amsterdam

Helping the homeless

Just imagine it happening to you. You could get evicted from your house at any moment. The bills are piling up, you have no money to pay them and you see no way out. The aid from the government has been reduced by the cuts and you can’t find a paid job either. It’s a difficult situation – especially if there are children involved. There’s a good chance that you won’t be able to handle it all any longer…

StreetSmart is an initiative of Amsterdam hospitality entrepreneurs. Nearly a hundred Amsterdam (hospitality) entrepreneurs have joined forces to help people who are in danger of ending up on the street. In the months of November and December, they ask their visitors/guests to pay an extra euro over their bill to prevent the threatening homelessness and to tackle poverty. Blue Boat would also like to contibute to this project and asks her visitors to pay an extra euro when ordering drinks and snacks on the boat.

How does StreetSmart spend my money?

  • Fruits and vegetables for families in need;
  • They offer assistance to families that are experiencing serious financial problems and have insufficient money for a proper meal;
  • Fruit for the homeless visitors of the Regenboog;
  • Supporting the sellers of Z!, the Amsterdam street newspaper;
  • They offer people a bicycle to go to day time activities or to bring children to school;
  • Dinner for families to let them enjoy an evening;
  • Work experience for people at a StreetSmart restaurant

Visit the StreetSmart website for more information.